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Monday Afternoon Bible Study / Prayer


Every Monday at 2pm
in church function room.



Our age is from early sixies onwards but we welcome any who would like to meet with us.

We alternate Bible Study / shorter prayer time one week with a short devotional followed by extended prayer time the next week.
Presently for Bible Study we are watching DVD's on Philippians: a Belgrave Heights Convention teaching series. Prior to this we studied the whole of Revelation and the Genesis chapters 1 to 11, all contributing to the discussion.

For our prayer times we share the latest news of missionaries and those working with para-church organizations: mostly those supported by our local church.
Other items for prayer include local district needs eg, rain and drought relief also all the regular function/ ministries of the local church are prayed for, asking God's direction and blessing on all.
The elderly and sick folk are not forgotten.

We are thankful for the privilege of being able to study the Bible and pray for the fellow Christians worldwide. We rejoice to hear of many answers to prayer.


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