Stitches for Dignity

What is it all about?

Stitches for Dignity was established by Kerang Baptist Church Craft Group in 2016. Our team have been moved by the need of young girls and women in developing countries to have access to washable sanitary items, and so these are what we make.

We initially partnered with Kerang Technical High School, using their facilities to create our first 130 bags. The Stitches for Dignity team are thankful to the school for providing this opportunity. Some of the initial tote bags filled with soap, washer, knickers and washable sanitary products, were sent to Cambodia on the Alternate Year 12 Schoolies Trip, which involves students from a number of schools both locally and interstate. Others were sent to Benin and distributed through the Peace Corps.

In 2017 we moved into facilities at the Kerang Christian College.  We continue to be excited to create tote bags of colour which provide dignity. They are a gift of love from the hands of our women to women around the world who, without them, remain shamed, vulnerable and isolated due to the unavailability of sanitary products. Freedom is also provided by these tote bags, as the recipient is free to go to school, work and her day to day life, regardless of her cycle.

Who can be involved?

Our Stitches for Dignity team is made up of people who: • trace, cut or sew material • thread ribbon or iron material • stencil makers • those who give donations of bright colourful material – pure cotton and flannelette (but please nothing with war themes, people or animals), little soaps, washers and knickers (sizes in girls sizes 10 -14 and women’s sizes 8-14) or even funds to buy product • others who fold and collate items.

Donations can be left at Nick’s Splendid Shoes, Victoria Street, Kerang with Helen.


To become involved with Stitches for Dignity, the sustainable answer for sanitary products to the developing world, please contact either: Linda Harrison or Sue Keath via the Contacts page.