Identity Statement

Our Statement of Faith (the “who” and “what” we are), as opposed to the Policy and Governance Manual or Constitution – which describes “how” we are.

Download the Identity Statement as a PDF HERE

 Kerang Baptist Church believes: 

1. The Scriptures 

We believe the inspired and authoritative Word of God, all sixty six books of the Old and New Testaments, to be our definitive guide in all matters, specifically in determining truth and our morals and ethics. They are the unique basis and centrality of our teaching. 

2. Discipling toward a Biblical worldview 

We believe that a follower of Jesus commits to a life of repentance, emulating through the Holy Spirit Jesus’ life of holiness. They will endeavour to prioritise church, prayer, Bible study, to also be voluntarily baptised by immersion, to regularly gather for worship and communion, to financially contribute to the ministry of the church and to welcome, serve and nurture others for spiritual growth. 

3. Family 

We believe in the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman as the primary God-given unit of society, the sanctity of life should be preserved including the unborn, and the God-ordained role of parents to be responsible for raising their children in the Lord. This fellowship commits itself to disciple and train families in their role, providing resources for Christ-focused education including the Kerang Christian College. We also believe the church to be the family of God 

4. Local Mission 

We believe building meaningful relationships and modelling Christ within and outside the church is the responsibility of the whole church community, and will be demonstrated with love, respect, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. We will present the gospel by all means, practicing forgiveness and restoration, ministering to the hungry, lonely, marginalised and those in distress and recognising the lost condition of all who are without Christ. 

5. Global Mission 

We believe in educating God’s people in mission activity throughout the world, encouraging the fellowship to pray for and support missionaries. When the call of God is recognized on a person’s life to serve in a particular mission organization, the church will partner with these people to encourage and equip them for the call. 

6. Worship 

We believe worship exists to bring glory to our Triune God. True worship will be reflected in holy living and be demonstrated through obedience to God’s plan for individual lives and the corporate expression into the community. An essential part of our worship is the stewardship of all He has loaned us and to praise Him in singing, praying, and in Bible reading and learning. 

7. Training 

We believe Jesus focused on training His disciples. We intentionally source specific training in disciplines and skills that enhance the effectiveness of the gifting and calling of God’s people. A prime focus to be on the development of intergenerational relationships. 

8. Communication 

We believe honest and transparent communication, in love, builds trust and ensures, openness. In spoken and written words we will use appropriate methods and when necessary, confidentiality will be observed to maintain trust, harmony, respect and care. 

9. Leadership 

We believe that the function of leadership is to shepherd, be innovative, visionary, and orderly and to listen and respond with humility. Training for replacement and multiplication will be a priority. We are committed to the Biblical requirements of 1 Timothy 3, Hebrews 13:17 and Titus 1. The church family supports and empowers the leadership. 

10. Eldership 

We believe that the Eldership should be recognised for their mature spiritual experience as expressed in 1 Timothy 3, to also discern the Spiritual gifts in the church family and ensure the Spiritual health of the church. 

11. Governance 

We believe that good governance is important for a healthy church. Clear, simple and understandable rules should exist for the development of policies and administration of the church. Church governance will put God first, comply with written rules and legal obligations, exercise financial stewardship and ensure role clarity, guiding purpose and appropriate use of resources. 

12. Property 

We believe that all property and assets of the Church have been given to us by God and exist to be used as tools for the gathering of God’s people, to support Christ’s mission in the community and to welcome them into the life of the church. Godly stewardship of the property is under the oversight and direction of the leadership. 

13. Finance 

We believe that all finances of the church are from God and are for the purpose of local and global mission. They will be used for church expenses and staff, supporting partnered missionaries, ministries provided by the church, and to assist people in need. Any income generated by the acceptable use of the property will be allocated to the general fund of the church. The membership is responsible for approving the budget and also non-budget items. The leadership is committed to financial transparency. 

Last amendment Sept. 16, 2018