Our Vision Statement: “Kerang Baptist Church exists to glorify God, to encourage fellowship and unity, to nurture spiritual growth, based on God’s Word and to present Christ to the community and this lost world.”
We do this through the many different groups that meet during the week, as well as through Sunday morning services.

Kerang Baptist Church is located on the corner of Wyndham and Fitzroy Streets.

The current pastor is Ps. Bob Field, who joined us in 2012.

Kerang Baptist Church – A Brief History

1877 Works begins in Kerang district.

1925 First church car – Ford Tourer (T Model) cost £180. (Approx $14,180 in today’s money)

1926 Jubilee of the Kerang Baptist Church was celebrated on May 22, 1927.

1927 Half yearly assembly of Baptist Union (BU) held in Kerang.

1929 Church made an application to BU for £1000 to build a new church. ($76,000)

1931 Church plans sought from Melbourne architect.

1936 Church plans and costs accepted and tenders were called.

1937 New church opened in May.   Total cost, including extra land: £2500. ($222,302)

1947 It is now 70 years since Baptist work started in the district by Rev G. Slade.  First camp held at Lake Meran.

1957 A solid brick hall was built at a cost of £12,000. ($364,766)

1958 All age Sunday school started, 170 enrolled.

1960 Northaven opened.

1962 New tennis courts at the cost of £250. ($6,990)

1963 Church buys house for migrants at a cost of £3000. ($83,350)

1972 Old weathboard church building demolished.  New manse erected at a cost of $22,000. ($218,100 if purchased in 2016)

1974 Purchase of home in Wyndham Street, next to church – dedicated as Youth Centre (only cost $7,500).

1980 Church extensions are well underway.  Church envelope system started.

1983 Kerang Christian Community School was established.

2002 Working bees at church for new playground.

** Estimated current values in today’s money calculated using the free online Reserve Bank of Australia Pre-Decimal and Decimal Inflation Calculators: https://goo.gl/QQD3N2 and https://goo.gl/VNYYez