Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to Kerang Baptist Church.

For about 140 years now Kerang Baptist Church has been a hub for Christian activity and service into the wider area of Kerang and surrounding communities. There’s been much that’s changed in style, fashion and technology and culture, even more so, through this Covid19 Pandemic of 2020. – But the simple, and raw truth about Jesus Christ remains the same. He is God’s Son who has come into the world so that through His life, death and resurrection we can live a re-born life.

Jesus saves us, and His Spirit at work in us, calls us to live transformed lives.

At Kerang Bapist, we invite you to come and join us as we together pursue Jesus who has come into the world pursuing you. We aim to worship together, pray together, care for one another, eat, drink and study the Bible together, to try and faithfully represent God in our community – and to continually invite God’s Spirit into all the messiness of life.

So join us in our pursuit of the life of Jesus. 

May the Lord Jesus Christ show you who He truly is.

Ps Fred Mugambi