Joseph and Nicodemus

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Joseph was a member of the Jewish Ruling Council. Nicodemus brought a royal amount of spices. Nicodemus was able to boldly go to Pilate (who was afraid/apprehensive of the Jews) and ask for Jesus’ body.

Both Joseph and Nicodemus were secret disciples of Jesus. But just because they were secret, doesn’t mean they were not genuine in their faith. We don’t know what the fall-out or ramifications of their actions [in collecting Christ’s body] were for them. Just because someone isn’t “oozing Christianity,” doesn’t mean they aren’t really Christian. The only one who knows the true depth of anyone’s belief, is Jesus.

Joseph and Nicodemus did not have anything to gain from doing these things – there wasn’t anything in it for them. Do I follow Jesus and be hungry for Him, or am I wanting something for myself. “What’s in it for me?”

Jesus had a physical body and He died – His body died. His body is physically moved from place of death (the cross) to place of His resurrection (the tomb). White linen. Royal aloes and spices. This is the same for us in the spiritual realm: Jesus has made a new resurrection place for us. For me.

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